Alfa Matrix: two new EP’s

Alfa Matrix launched the first two of a series of new EP’s:
Ayria – “My Revenge On The World”
Unter Null – “Sick Fuck”

Unter Null’s “Sick fuck” EP is a taster of the forthcoming album ?The Failure Epiphany?. Expect extremely distorted and manipulated vocals mixed with uncompromised harsh elektro assaults with a touch of power noise and ambient industrial. The EP contains remixes of C-Drone Effect, Grendel, Implant, Manufactura, Tantrum and Everything Goes Gold (aka Psyclon Nine).

Ayria’s “My Revenge On The World” mixes straight old-school EBM with harsh elektro while giving a nod to electro-clash. Among the remixers are Steril, Fractured and November Process.