Allerseelen affairs

allerseelen_edelweissIt are busy times for Allerseelen and its fans. We have just been treated to various vinyl reissues of older albums like Gotos=Kalanda, the low-budget cd compilation Edelweiss and the limited 7″ single Knospe. For 2006 Gerhard has announced various more plans.

What to think of a split cd with Changes on Indiestate and another split cd with Sangre Cavallum. Further we can expect reissues of Cruor and Neuschwabenland. Allerseelen will also participate on the compilation Walking on the Rain on the Ostrow Tumski (Ars Benevola Mater) and Gerhard has recorded a song for the forthcoming Sturmpercht LP “Geister im Waldgebirg”.

Allerseelen will also do plenty of live action: concerts have been announced in Arhus (Denmark), Arnhem (Netherlands) and London. The latest news about the ‘apocalyptic krautfolk project’ can be followed on Allerseelen’s weblog.