Andrew King release on Athanor

  • Andrew King – The Amfortas Wound [ATNR 022]

    “The Amfortas Wound” is Andrew King?s first album since The Bitter Harvest. Recorded in 1999, but not issued at the time, it has subsequently been remastered and partly re-mixed and is now issued to the public for the first time by Athanor.

    As with its predecessor it is an album of traditional songs, but unlike The Bitter Harvest which consisted predominantly of unaccompanied songs the tracks on The Amfortas Wound are accompanied by drones, loops, harmonium and flute organ arrangements. For these arrangements Andrew King was joined by fellow travelers from the noted ?Voodoo Electronics? experimental groups Knifeladder and Antivalium, with Hunter Barr (Knifeladder, Antivalium, Altered States and Infant Skull Surgery) in charge of the mastering and mixing and with additional drones supplied by Andrew Trail (Knifeladder, Antivalium, Inertia and Ministry of Love) and drums from John Murphy (Kraang, Shining Vril, Knifeladder, SPK, DIJ, Whitehouse etc, etc?).