Archon Satani

[Archon Satani – Of gospels lost and forsaken]
Founded in 1990 by Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio) and Mikael Stav?strand (Inanna, Archon Satani & Mitek), Archon Satani returns once more in it’s original appearance to ultimately raise the tombstone and once and for all complete the premature burial of 1993.

With sinister loops, dismal ambience and disturbing as well as distorted atmospheres, “Of Gospels Lost and Forsaken” re-embarks on the long lost journey of the early Archon Satani, taking the listener on a disconcerting voyage through the darker realms of the human psyche.

“Of Gospels Lost and Forsaken” features and archival collection of ritualistic, death ambient, industrial works from the band’s genesis in early 90’s, completing the Archon Satani saga and bringing about the inevitable end with the release of yet another brilliant recording.