Argine compilation of rare tracks

Argine – ” Rifrazioni”
CD ARK Records 2003 – ARK002

A selection of Argine?s songs which previously appeared only on compilations, plus other unreleased material. This first printing comes in a special edition (first 1000 copies) with a slipcase and a poster with all lyrics included.

01. Marted? sera (Intimations version)
02. Come un servo da mantice (dlk version)
03. Solitudo (piano version)
04. Corpo ed anima (remix)
05. Memorie (remix)
06. Arm (Oktagon version)
07 Vene d’acero (missing version)
08. Magiche armonie (melancholic version)
09. Von Aschenbach
10. Memorie (IV mix)
11. Rifrazioni