Ataraxia “A Calliope… Collection”: OUT NOW!!

“A Calliope… Collection”

Finally out a definitive tribute to the many years of activity of these Italian minstrels!!!

A collection of 14 remastered atmospheric songs carefully chosen by the band covering all previous albums and singles plus 2 new exclusive ones only available here!

Dedicated to the water and its hidden mysteries, “A Calliope… Collection” is a visionary static voyage, a flowing soundtrack for the solitary moments spent in front of the Mediterranean sea, lost in the hypnotic rhythm of the
tides in a contemplative, nostalgic state.

To enrich this new work, the jewel case comes housed in a a cardboard box with an extra and extensive 32-page full-colour booklet with many exclusive photos, drawings and writings by the band’s most passionate listeners from all over the world!

Every copy comes with a beautiful full-colour A3 poster!

Released in Brazil on Future Insights Records.
Distributed worldwide via ESSENCE MUSIC.