Ataraxia: Arcana Eco out now

The book + cd Arcana Eco by Ataraxia is finally out on Ark Records.

"Arcana Eco" is a journey from the rocky underworld up to an eden of light.
"Arcana Eco" is a book describing the story of ATARAXIA’s albums through the images of voyage that inspired them.
"Arcana Eco" is also the travel diary of Ferruccio Filippi, a music journalist who reached ATARAXIA’s place to talk with them about their art.
"Arcana Eco" is a voyage within a voyage.

BOOK (164 pages full colours, 188×137 mm): six chapters developping through Livio Bedeschi’s photos, Ferruccio Filippi’s reflections and Francesca Nicoli’s writings; an exhaustive interview; a full discography and the "Arcana Eco" Cd lyrics.

CD : 7 exclusive tracks recorded and mixed between April and July 2004 (total length 36 mn), four of them are new, the other three are older songs revisited with a today sensibility.