Ataraxia: upcoming releases

The forthcoming Ataraxia release “Odos Eis Ouranon” (The way to the heavens) is a double digipack cd featuring acoustic performances (for piano, classic guitar and vocals) of Ataraxia (on disc 1) and Autunna et sa Rose (on disc 2). It will be available at the end of June as a limited edition of 2000 copies on Equilibrium Music. Ataraxia presents rearranged, exclusive and rare songs. The artwork is completed by two twelve-pages booklets, filled with pictures, writings and lyrics.

The photo-book + CD “Arcana Eco” is about to be sent to the pressing plants, so it should be probably out in July. The release will be a special box containing a 164 pages book + a digibox with the CD. It is intendend to be a sort of geographical and musical journey divided into six chapters, and will also feature an exhaustive interview, several of Francesca’s writings, songs lyrics, the full discography (albums + compilations) and more.