Audacia Imperat compilation part II

The second Audacia Imperat compilation was already announced two years ago. But the orginal label Oktagon ceased its activities. Now the compialtion will be finally produced by Old Europa Cafe. Audacia Imperat is a double cd with exclusive tracks from 30 different artists, with a focus on neo-folk & industrial sounds with a martial touch. The release will come with a large booklet, with a single page devoted to each artist.

Argine – Immoto nel Vento
Dawn And Dusk Entwined – She Came From the East (Winter Version)
Von Thronstahl – Through Sun and Steel
Folkvang – A World in a Cage
Foresta di Ferro ? A Fondo
A Challenge Of Honour – Einzig und Allein
Knifeladder – Born Under Fire
The Sword Volcano Complex ? Spearheading the Academy
Cadaverous Condition – In June, As I Killed Time
Ain Soph – Morte e Disonore (Spectrae Re-mix)
The Days of the Trumpet Call ? The Mighty Power
Dies Natalis – Gedenken
Excipio – Essere se Stessi
Shining Vril – Conquest
Tribe Of A Circle – Demokratűr III / Audacia for Victory

Camerata Mediolanense – Der Tod (Live in La Sarraz MMI)
Harmony Garden – Colder than the Sky Above
Kirlian Kamera – Days to Come
Sonne Hagal – Sturm
Inner Glory – War is Forever
Dream Into Dust – Invictus
Lady Morphia ? Sun Spirits (Muspell Mix)
Regard Extreme – M?lodie des Spectres
Of The Wand And The Moon – In a Robe of Fire
Darkwood ? Im Heimatwald
4th of the Apoclypse ? Every Fibre of Your Being Says, ?Tank you Sir?
Naevus ? Occasional Table
Spiritual Front – Syncropillenen
Furvus – Iter Unius Diei
Northgate – Hallo World this is Meat