Band of Pain retrospective

Fin de Siecle Media announces it is fed up with the stagnating dark experimental music scene. Therefore the label will focus on re-releasing forgotten masterpieces from the pioneers of experimental electronics.

band of painLike Band of Pain, the project formed in 1994 by Steve Pittis of Splintered. Through the Past Darkly is a 20-track double album which contains a “best of” as well as rare singles and previously unreleased recordings. Available for instance through the new Fin de Si├Ęcle web shop.


  1. If they are formed in 1994, why the hell are they called pioneers by FdSM?

  2. Oh Brother says

    Compared to finding and encouraging new, and innovative acts, re-releasing old has-beens sounds like a great idea!

  3. Regarding the previous comments; nowadays every new artist has their own CD-R label flooding the scene with second-rate releases. FdSM are just offering an alternative, there’s nothing wrong with that.