Black Tape for a Blue Girl compiled

From the heavenly Projekt act Black Tape for a Blue Girl (who will also perform at this year’s edition of Leipzig) an ultimate compilation has appeared.
“A million tear-stained memories” presents 31 brilliant tracks from black tape’s first 17 years. Limited to 2250 pieces, this 2-CD set is divided into a vocal and an instrumental disc, presenting the two sides of this unique act.

Disc 1 begins with a new 2003 re-recording of the first song from their 1986 debut album, the rope (with current member Bret Helm on vocals); disc 2 begins with a never-before-heard Steve Roach remix of the song “Kinski” from 2002’s, the scavenger bride. To complete this special release, the cd comes with a 16 page booklet of lyrics and stories from songwriter Sam Rosenthal.