Bocksholm presents a haunting curse

Coming at the end of May on Wrotycz Records is The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara. This is the third album by Bocksholm, a project of Peter Andersson (Raison d’être and others) and his namesake Peter Andersson aka Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal). For Wrotycz it’s the third release, after recommended albums by Kratong and Contemplatron.

Press release:
“There is a legend saying that Skogs-Sara lived in the forest called Osterskogen, she got a virgin born child named Frans Enoch. Soon after the birth three nude gay men arrived, they had followed the bright iron sign in the sky to the small Skogs-Sara lodge. These three men gave Frans Enoch the bastard one gift each; black clogs, an orange thermal Helly Hansen sweater and a box of snuff. Frans Enoch later worked as a cheese producer but on his spare time he preached that one day there will come two men named Peter Andersson and then the city of Boxholm will forever be doomed. The citizens of Boxholm did not believe Frans Enoch, so they crucified him in the forest and let him die alone. Skogs-Sara went furious and put a curse on the citizens by letting two named Peter Andersson to be born who would terrorize the citizens for all time with a project called Bocksholm.

The third terror attack by Bocksholm is now here. After two successful albums on Tesco Organisation and NATO, Bocksholm now turns the root of the problem with the album ‘The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara’ released by the Polish label Wrotycz Records. The music is a weird and explosive experience, it is harder and stranger than ever. It is a psyhological weapon that sneak upon the victims. The citizens of Boxholm will get fucked…and so will probably you!”