Book Of Wisdom: album on Nature and Art:

After long silence and after long announcement, in August a new release comes out on Nature and Art. It is the Book Of Wisdom album "Ultra" with 8 audio titles and a videotrack in the format AudioCDextra. You can find thematic information about this on as well as

More news from Nature and Art:
"Also a small "factory-store" opens at the same time, where besides home productions also rarities are offered – and articles which we have changed with other labels. This is not the beginning of a new, daily up-to-date mailorder."
"At present we prepare in cooperation with a botanical museum a further project on an interesting area between art and science. The release is planned in the year 2006.

Short history of the label:
In the nineties Nature and Art published the albums "Catacombs" of Book Of Wisdom and "Dreams Of Dark Waters" of Endura. It worked inside the Steel Trust together with the labels Loki Foundation and Power and Steel at the distribution of the respective releases – and operated mailorder and distribution for products of a.o. World Serpent, Tesco, Staalplaat, Drone Records, Allegoria and Misanthropy.