Bowie, Suicide & Dinosaur Jr reissues

Eventually everything gets re-released with bonus tracks, so only collectors need to pay astronomical prices on Ebay.
The David Bowie live albums 1974’s David Live and 1978’s Stage will be presented by EMI in March, both in deluxe 2cd sets with remixed audio and two bonus tracks each.
Also Suicide‘s Way of Life and Why Be Blue? albums have proper reissues by Blast First/Mute. The original albums have been remastered by Martin Rev and are packaged with new artwork and extra discs featuring material taken from two European concerts.
Finally the first three albums of Dinosaur Jr will be reissued by Merge Records on March 22nd. Dinosaur, You’re Living All Over Me and Bug will be remastered and provided with new liner notes and bonus material. The first album has a bonus live track, and the second and third will each feature two videos.