busy days for Allerseelen

lots of news from Allerseelen:

  • Ajna/Stateart will collaborate on a book/3″CD edition in German and English, featuring many texts from the sold out Aorta/Ahnstern editions. The CD will contain unreleased Allerseelen songs.
  • In the spring there will be an Allerseelen / O Paradis split 7″: sonne/el astro rey.
  • “Wir rufen deine Wölfe” is an Aorta cd compilation based on a poem by Friedrich Hielscher. There will be contributions by:
    Allerseelen, Belborn, Blood Axis, Blutleuchte, Cawatana, Circe, Der Arbeiter, Graumahd, Lady Morphia, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Ô Paradis, Praetorian, Sangre Cavallum, Waldteufel, Weissglut, Werkraum.
  • Allerseelen are already recording the songs for the cd Ahnstern that will be published in summer 2003.