Cabaret Voltaire compilation on new Superfecta label

Based in Hollywood, Superfecta Recordings steps into the music arena with an eclectic roster of 1980s alternative reissues that includes rare and unreleased material. This is the first time that many of the Superfecta releases have become available in the US, and many have long languished out of print.

Superfecta Recordings will release Cabaret Voltaire – The Original Sound of Sheffield ’83 -’87 (Best of) on June 3, 2003. Originally on Some Bizarre/Virgin overseas, it is the first time this seminal recording is available as a domestic release on any format. Cabaret Voltaire was at the forefront of the UK electronic movement in the late ’70s and continued to push the boundaries into the ’80s with a huge impact on the house and techno scenes in both America and Europe. One of the most influential bands in the industrial and electronic music genres, this disc is the second Original Sound of Sheffield Anthology, this one compiling the Virgin/EMI 12-inch singles from 1983 -1987.