Carpe Noctem Records: first release

Carpe Noctem Records is a new Belgian label. Its first release is planned for the 19th of February 2005 and is the four way split release called Sturmgewitter ziehn durchs Land. It consists of 10 tracks by the bands who performed at the first Carpe Noctem Festival in September 2004. The music ranges from neo-classical to harsh industrial.

01. H.E.R.R. – Constantinople I: Hagya Sophia
02. H.E.R.R. – Requiem for Constantinople
03. H.E.R.R. – Tanz Konstantinopel
04. The Days Of The Trumpet Call – Honour (Den Gefallenen)
05. The Days Of The Trumpet Call – Satan’s Trick
06. Dead Man’s Hill – W?rmer
07. Dead Man’s Hill – Vesterbro
08. Dead Man’s Hill – The black ghost-dog
09. Von Thronstahl – Wider die Masse (re-worked)
10. Von Thronstahl – Bellum Sacrum Bellum (Krieg & Wahrheit Version)

Carpe Noctem c/o Leslie Philippot
Boerenkrijgstraat 193
2800 Mechelen