Censor on Hive Records

  • Censor – Empire Holds Down [HIV.07]
    CD (900 copies) and CD + 3″ LTD edition album (100 copies)
    release date: March 10 . 2k4

    “In the studio, Censor has managed to meld the better elements of Drum and Bass, Industrial, Breakcore, Gabber, and Powernoise into a brilliant, malleable ore. With heavy emphasis on melody and orchestral moments, this album is firmly welded together with intricate pounding rhythm, equally appealing on the dancefloor and in the headphones.
    The first 100 preorder of Empire Holds Down come with a 3″, featuring a collaboration with Retnah [with whom Censor will be releasing a full-length split later this year on hive] and an ambient remix by Cdatakill.”

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