Changes album on Hau Ruck!

Finally out on Hau Ruck! is the long awaited new album by the American folk formation Changes. ‘Orphan in the storm’ will be available both on cd and lp format.

Already in 1999 FluxEuropa posted this info about the album: “The forthcoming Orphan In The Storm CD was named after a ballad, in the collection, about Edgar Allen Poe. These recordings include and were made at the same time as ‘Icarus’, but while the 7″ version is entirely acoustic, the version here has been re-mixed and fully orchestrated. Also included is a new version of ‘Twilight Of The West’ on which the group is joined by Michael Moynihan.”
This month Hau Ruck! also presents the debut album by Inner Glory, entitled ‘Remains of a dream’.