Cold Meat 2cd sampler

  • V/A – Flowers made of snow 2cd [cmi 130]
  • Once again Cold Meat Industry presents a double CD-sampler. It is sold at a single-CD price, features a booklet with presentations of all participating bands. Total 118 minutes and 95% new and previously unreleased tracks! Out early October.


    Disc 1:
    Coph Nia – The Oath
    The Protagonist – The Sick Rose
    In Slaughter Natives – The Vultures Revenge
    Olen’k – Season of Tears
    All My Faith Lost… – Sleep now
    The Last Hour – Into Empty Depth
    Apatheia – Safehouse
    Ataraxia – Incabala
    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Yesterday brings but a Serpent of Ash
    Hesperos – The Warm Whisper of the Wind
    Sibelian – The Sin Eater
    Sanctum – Lie low

    Disc 2:
    Desiderii Marginis – Where I End and you Begin
    Raison D’?tre – Mouldering the Forlorn II
    Atrium Carceri – Impaled Butterfly
    MZ.412 – In Hoc Signe Vinces
    Brighter Death Now – While you sleep
    IRM – My Mother
    Deutsch Nepal – Of Parasites and Disguises
    Nacht – Death Posture
    Beyond Sensory Experience – The Trade
    Sephiroth – Therasia
    Skin Area – Choose Art… not Life

    More Cold Meat news:
    A new Atrium Carceri cd, called ‘Seishinbyouin’.

    In Slaughter Natives – Resurrection
    Raison d’Etre – Reflections from the time of opening
    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Apocalips
    Beyond Sensory Experience – The Pursuit for pleasure
    Brighter Death Now – Disobey DVD