Cold Spring: two new releases

Two new martial industrial / neoclassical releases on Cold Spring Records:
H.E.R.R. – `The Winter Of Constantinople`
Kreuzweg Ost – `Edelrost’

"Steeped in tragedy and legionary heroism, this musical odyssey recreates the penultimate 1453 siege of the Byzantine capital beside the shimmering waters of the Bosphorus. A neo-classical cocktail of atmospheric keyboards, cello and pounding drums frolic alongside militaristic anthems about European imperium, hooliganism as modern warfare, vanquished heroes, Turkish hordes, architectural majesty and defiant optimism."

Kreuzweg Ost:
"’Edelrost’ draws a line from yesterday to tomorrow, from hope to despair, from blind obedience to revolution. Outstanding arrangements – rhythmic military industrial and hymnal orchestration – creating an oppressive sonic soundtrack of incredible martial anthems. Features members of BM acts Summoning and Pungent Stench.