Concrescence = Thieves of Impressions

Concrescence may sound like a new name, but their cd Obscured by the dark years is in fact a collection of early, unreleased and lost songs by the Thieves of Impressions, recorded in 1994/1995.

You might know this German band best for their song ‘Celtic wedding’, which is present here in an ‘extended remix’. Further the cd contains six tracks taken from the Thieves of Impressions album ‘Sophia’s Nector’ (Discordia, 1994) and six unreleased tracks from 1995.

Expect “beautiful folk-ballads, sometimes with a strong medieval touch, martial drums and trumpets, neoclassical hymns and heartbreaking pagan lyrics, sung by perfect female and male voices.”

Mp3’s can be heard at the Steinklang shop.