Consumer Electronics (Casio only!)

“We at Angelmaker Records have devised yet another cunning plan. After the great succes and aclaim of our “Powerslaves – an electro tribute to Iron Maiden album”, we now like to present the second large project for 2004: Consumer Electronics. We want to put together 14 tracks by electro/electronics producers worldwide created only on Casio instruments!

A fitting rebutal to the manufacturers of cool… The soundsource has to be Casio, be it tonebanks, keyboards, watches, calculators or any other Casio products you can lay your hands on. Of course mixing, recording and treatment of the sound is permitted on other brands, as long as the original soundsource is Casio. When sending in your track you will also be asked what specific Casio sources you used, so please keep track of that! If you’d be interested in doing a track for this compilation, contact us as soon as you can. We have room for about 14/15 tracks on the cd and want to get together the tracks as soon as possible.”

– Vince / Angelmaker Records