Contrastate: two (re)releases

Fin de Si├Ęcle Media now offers two albums by Contrastate, the band formed in 1987 by Stephen Meixner and Jonathan Grieve, who split up five years ago. They were known for “their challenging mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and surreal humour”.
Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers (fds13) is their debut LP from 1989, released on their own label Black Rose Recordings, in a limited edition of 500 copies. Now it’s available on CD for the first time in a remastered edition.
“False Fangs for Old Werewolves” (fds14) is a collection of rarities, singles and previously unreleased material. This retrospective contains thirteen tracks recorded between 1989-1999. Among the many rare pieces is the last ever Contrastate recording written for the album they were working on when they decided to go separate ways. Furthermore, you will also find tracks from since long deleted cassettes, vinyls and CDs (and perhaps even the Backwards Diva).