Coph Nia is slowly awakening

Suddenly a sign of life from Coph Nia: “I would hereby like to announce that a new album, with the pretentious title ‘The Dark Illuminati – A Celestial Tragedy in two Acts’ is nearly finished.”

The announcement goes on:
“My initial intention was to have it out for my 40th birthday on August 29th. I don’t know it this is realistic since these things always take longer than expected. Until then there are some teasers to be had at

Featured on the album are, except for yours truly, my trusty companion Linus Andersson on percussion, Karin My Andersson who fell from the heavenly choirs only to be kidnapped by the beast, and Mikaela Robsahm playing some chilling cello parts.

This time there are no less than three cover versions on the album. What can I say? I just love doing covers… I won’t reveal them yet but those who saw us live last year should be able to make some educated guesses.”