Coph Nia: split 12” and new album

Out this month:

  • Nunsploitation 12″ (cmi110, 666 copies)
    BDN – Slow Death (Slow Mix)
    Coph Nia – Prime Mover (Sex Mix)

    Two Swedes, a perhaps surprising couple, separately paying homage to one of the more influential swedish rockgroups, The Leather Nun.

  • Shape shifter cd (cmi122)

    The second full length album from Coph Nia displays familiar streaks while simultaneously pointing out new directions. The pitch-black darkness is occasionally eased by moments of sacral ambience, while at times a grand piano and screeching choirs augment the goings-on. Aldenon Satorial’s profane voice is much more prominent this time around, with lyrics touching upon libertarian and libertinian ideas. Doing a cover of the Leather Nun classic ‘Prime Mover’ and Bauhaus ‘Stigmata Martyr’ as well as a pounding version of the Thelemic anthem ‘Hymn to Pan’ seems congenial in the context of the overall theme: to break free from the conventions of a society that fetter the free-thinking individual; by means of deviant behavior, by doing the unexpected, by shifting shape.
    Samples can be heard on the CMI website.