Crisis: remastered hymns

Apop Records presents: Crisis – “Holocaust Hymns” (Apop013, Cri007)

Crisis’ entire remastered discography from 1978-1980, complete with a 12 page booklet featuring exclusive photos from Douglas P.’s private archives.
Track listing and audio samples.

Background information from the label:
“Crisis came into existence in the late ’70s amidst the British hardcore punk movement and was often featured in Rock Against Racism live showcases. These political affiliations earned them Comparisons to a more focussed and truly politicised Clash and other such similarly minded bands, despite Crisis’ decidedly non-peacenik attitude which beget more thrashing off the stage than on. And however much they would contextualize their relation with working-class rights, they bore only slight facsimile to the Oi! working-class sound. Rather, they would take the same energy that came from youthful, raw anger, but lock it down tight with restrained lyrical phrasing and strict rhythms. Resulting in a somewhat harsh poeticism of violent urgency held on leash that had more in common with Warsaw or Gang of Four.”

“Members include Douglas P. and Tony Wakeford who would later expand upon some of the Crisis material for their dark, neo-folk group Death in June. Wakeford later went on to form Sol Invuctus, and two other band mates, Luke Rendall and Lester Jones, would later find involvement in Theatre of Hate and Sex Gang Children, respectively.”