Current 93: Earth covers earth LP

Current 93 – Earth Covers Earth silk-screened vinyl LP edition. This 12" album is now available. Its first pressing is of 1000 copies on Rob Fisk’s Free Porcupine Society label. It consists of all the tracks from the original mini-album, originally released on vinyl by United Dairies in 1988. The album has silk-screened covers, in spring-green ink on brown card, of two original drawings by David and a previously unseen photograph of the group from the Earth Covers Earth photo sessions, as well as a transparent sticker of the original cover.
Available from Current 93 in early September is the 2cd reissue of Hypnagogue. The CD contains the original (and long deleted) edition of Hypnagogue by David Tibet and Maja Elliott, as well as the re-recording of Hypnagogue by David Michael and Michael Masley.