Current 93: Soft Black Stars revisited

Current 93 & Dream English: Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still

Soft Black Stars has been entirely re-recorded by Current 93 & Dream English, a classical string octet and piano, and David has refound and refined the vocals. It will be released on Durtro Jnana at the end of this year.

This album features some of the leading practitioners of classical music, including the composer and violinist Duncan Druce, who has produced acclaimed finished versions of Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven’s ‘lost’ oboe concerto, as well as being involved with David’s favourite 17th century music ensemble, Fretwork.

The ensemble is under the musical directorship of the oboeist Mark Baigent, who amongst many other things was involved in John Eliot Gardiner’s Bach 2000 Pilgrimage. Dream English also features the violinist Ben Sansom who performed in the award winning BBC documentary drama about the first performance of Beethoven’s Eroica symphony. The album has been scored by musician and artist Richard Moult.