Cynfeirdd: Duparc and Oran Mor trilogy

Two new releases from Cynfeirdd:
DUPARC. Twilight fell from high above
After several releases Carlos Boll from The Mystery School decided to open a new gate in the form of DUPARC. Female singer Isabella Piombo haunts mystical musical landscapes, somewhere between dark pop and atmospheric…"
coverOmne Datum OptimumGaë Bolg & the Church of FandNothvs Filivs Mortis: Oran Mor
"Five years after the release of this 12"-10"-7" trilogy we offer you to enjoy it on CD. The original layout has been respected and a 8 pages booklet offer the vinyl inserts. This remastered edition also offers two extra tracks, the original version of Gaë Bolg "Gloria" and an unreleased track from Nothvs Filivs Mortis."