Dangus – label from Lithuania

This year they have released 3 new CDs:

  • SKARDAS “Neocron” digipack CD
    The best Lithuanian composer of dark electronic music presents gloomy idm with masterful touch of industrial and noise.
  • DONIS with KULGRINDA “Sotvaras” CD
    A special Winter Solstice project by well known Baltic ritual folklore group and highly talented neofolk and electronic music composer. Magical.
  • LAHKA MUZA “V Zablesku Vecnosti” digipack CD
    The 5th album by gothic scene veterans from Slovakia. Bewitching stream of pulsating darkwave with charismatic vocals of Gudrun Snake.
  • Next albums on Dangus:
    ATALYJA “Mocia” (folk-rock), AMBER TRIBES (Baltic compilation), WEJDAS new album (legendary amber ambient).