Death In June frontman briefly joins online discussion list

Death In June’s Douglas P. has made a remarkable appearance at the Death In June discussionlist for the past three days. Side-Line took the opportunity to ask Douglas why he suddenly wanted to communicate with the fans. In his answer Dougla P. said: “I can’t normally be reached via email and in a couple of hours that will be the way again…” Douglas received nearly 300 e-mails in the 3 days he joined in on the list, “… with too many of them being sent directly to me and not the list, I haven’t opened all of them because some looked a bit ‘suspicious'”, the Death In June remarked. When we ask him if he actually enjoys it, his reaction is: “Enjoyment doesn’t come into it. I’ve been shown how interesting this list can be over the years it has been going and I suddenly found myself with the inclination for joining in as a way of gratitude to the list owner and its main, sane protagonists.”