Death In June news

After some delay DEATH IN JUNE’s “Not Guilty And Proud” picture disc LP has now been released.It features the first 12″, 7″ & mini LP recordings by Death In June and is presented in chronological order.
This is ltd. to 2,000 picture discs and is the 4th in the series of beautiful and evocative designs by Enrico Chiarparin.

The limited re-release of the double LP “Something Is Coming” on red and white coloured vinyl, has sold out at NER. Please try other outlets for this release.
The record has an extra 4th side recorded live in Zagreb, Croatia (December 2001). Tracklisting:
1.Smashed To Bits(In The Peace Of The Night)
2.All Pigs Must Die
3.Tick Tock
4.Disappear In Everyway
5.We Said Destroy II
7.The Enemy Within