debut single for Twistraum

Tristraum?s debut single Shiver will be available March 25th. The MCD will be available from A Different Drum and Metropolis (USA) and Intrapop (Germany/Europe) ?Shiver? holds three songs and nine remixes by Assemblage 23, Empire State Human, Echo Image, Equatronic, Infam and many more. Shiver?s female vocals and rich electronic textures are suited for the dancefloor.

Shiver comes after a string of remixes for acts such as T.O.Y., Fiction 8, Underworld, Echo Image and Project X. They have scored TV tracks for Apple Computer, Coors Brewing Company and AT&T. Before Tristraum, Randall co-founded the San Francisco based Twitch Remix Service (now Twitch Recordings).