Degenerate: issue #4

Issue #4 (Summer 2005) of Degenerate Magazine is out now, dedicated to the power electronics, noise, ambient and industrial genres. 48 black/white A4 pages, professionally printed, approximately 600 copies, written in English.

The magazine contains interviews with Niko Skorpio, DVT, Brethren, Boyd Rice/Non, Fire In The Head, Snip-snip Records, C.o.Caspar, Spatter Productions, Proiekt Hat, Barzel, I.Corax, Haare And Segerhuva.

Also included is a USA tour report by Grunt and a debate about Industrial Culture in Submission with Itself by Per/Barrikad and Mikko / Freak Animal Records.

The review section covers over 100 CD’s, CDr’s, vinyls and tapes.