Deine Lakaien and more Chrom news

Deine Lakaien:

  • The “1987 Silver Tape” will be released, an album created between the “1st Album” and “Dark Star” period which was never made public before. As there are many bootlegs floating around with fake songs by someone else, Deine Lakaien now presents the real thing. It will appear under the name “1987” (Chrom Records, May 2003).
  • Sony will release a Deine Lakaien compilation, later this year.
  • A new maxi cd in 2 versions: “Where You Are”, taken from the current album “White Lies”, will be released – with remixes, a live acoustic version and two entirely new songs on it!
  • Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien) releases a new solo album, a recording from a live performance in Munich last October: “Lili Marleen / Baghdad 2’91”.
  • Helium Vola is preparing its second album.
  • Helga Pogatschar will have a new album in May, a new medieval opera called “Inanna”.