Der Blutharsch: Wonderland

The new album by Der Blutharsch, "When did wonderland end?" will be released on cd and lp mid October and distributed via Tesco Germany. 

"When did wonderland end?" shows the more "rock" oriented side of Der Blutharsch and besides the regular line up (Marthynna, Jörg B., Bain Wolfkind and Albin Julius) Der Blutharsch on this album is supported by: Paola Andrea Riascos (Terroritmo), Christine K (Graumahd), Matt Howden (Sieben), Alessio B. (Varunna) and Didi Bruckmayer (Fuckhead).
The first 3000 copies will come with a bonus DVD with a brand new video of one of the songs from the album, produced and directed by Italian film artist Davide Pepe.