Deutsch Nepal re-issue

Out this week:

  • Deutsch Nepal – Deflagration of hell

    “Deutsch Nepals trademark style were already here beginning to take shape. Heavy psychedelic trance-industrial scapes, full of demented beats and distorted guitars. […]
    Previously released as a cassette on the CMI-sidelabel Sound Source in 1991 and on CD by Staalplaat in 1993 which are now both deleted since years back. This new version is fully remastered by Peter Andersson. Even the titles are correct! A classic – hoping the ageing have done its best with the sound as the years mature a good whiskey. Cheers!”

    Deflagration of Hell
    Excursioner Angel
    The Hierophants of light
    Energy – Not Orgasm
    Glimpses of war, parts I & II
    Holistix – Links between God and Human