Die Welttraumforscher: best of on Staubgold

Die Welttraumforscher were formed in 1978 by Christian Pfluger. At the beginning of the 80’s he started the band’s own Monif label which released almost all of the band’s output, at first exclusively on cassettes, later also on limited vinyl and since 1993 also on cd. The music of the band ranges from classic pop to experimental electronics, from Simon & Garfunkel to Cabaret Voltaire.
’21 Weltraum-Standards’ does not claim to be a representative cross-section of the band’s output over the last 25 years; the intention of this compilation is more one of presenting the Welttraumforscher from their friendliest and more accessible side.

The vinyl version of the “21 Weltraum-Standards” will be released as a single lp while the digital version will appear in the form of a double cd (for the price of a normal cd!). The latter will include the album ‘..remixen die Welttraumforscher’, formerly released as a vinyl-only on Felix Kubin’s label Gagarin Records and which has long sold out. This album contains remixes by Mouse on Mars, Barbara Morgenstern, FX Randomiz, Neoangin, Schlammpeitziger, Minitchev, Nova Huta, Harald “Sack” Ziegler, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Joe Tabu and Klangwart. Released by Staubgold.