Divine Comedy Records: ACOH and Horologium

Two new releases on Divine Comedy Records:
A Challenge Of Honour – "Seven Samurai" Digi-cd (DC 040) / limited 1000
Horologium – "The Fire Sermon" Digi-cd (DC 041) / limited 500

A Challenge Of Honour – "Seven Samurai":
The new ACOH release is a tribute to Akira Kurosawa, the famous Japanese director. This is an "alternative" soundtrack for Kurosawa’s masterpiece "Seven Samurai"; not to be fitted into the movie but to tell the story a different way. Nine epic pieces of music in the ACOH tradition recorded with the help of Steven Arkwood (Straight Mental Institute) on two tracks. It’ll be available in a beautiful digifile limited to 1000 copies. An LP version limited to 300 copies will be also available on Steinklang.

Horologium – "The Fire Sermon":
"The Fire Sermon" is based upon pessimistic views on history, fate of humankind and T.S. Elliot’s poetry ("The waste land"). This release combine the darkest side of what we can call traditional symphonic industrial style… with the addition of some folkish and liturgical elements from eastern part of Europe, this release presents a very serious and impressive opus in a nihilistic way…