Dreamland Recordings: new stuff

Some new stuff from Dreamland Recordings:
DR013: Rondel Kilgore & Heath Yonaites – Damaged Lethal Harmonies
This collaboration started as a remix project using the demos from the Rondel Kilgore album “01” & sounds from the Yonaites family archives. It grew into something larger than a remix project by using live & improvised recording techniques. Amongst the principal sound sources are guitar, bass, The Melbourne Subterranean Children’s Choir, drones, banjo and charango. (sample)

New online mp3 releases from Dreamland:

DLNET031 – Panagiotis Spoulos: Sweet Drown
"drones are made with more of an electrical sound slightly fluctuating, creating a dizzy experience & sometimes an atmosphere of dread & noise."

DLNET032 – Prus: Pogranicza
"an array of delays, synths & processed static creating something that harkens back to moods of old science fiction"

DLNET033 – Remote Jesus: Second Flower
"a new landscape of cut-up media samples, broken beats & many other sounds that are disjointed & pushed to the limits of audibility."