Einstuerzende Neubauten – Perpetuum Mobile

  • Einstuerzende Neubauten – Perpetuum Mobile
    Date of Release: 24 February (Mute Records)

    PerpetuumEinstuerzende Neubauten’s long-awaited new studio album, “Perpetuum Mobile” has arrived at last and will be released on February 10, 2004 through Mute. This is the follow up to “Silence Is Sexy” (2000) and the “Strategies Against Architecture III” (2001) anthology.

    For “Perpetuum Mobile” the band, who have been operating as a constant line-up consisting of Blixa Bargeld, Alexander Hacke, N. U. Unruh, Jochen Arbeit and Rudi Moser since Ende Neu (1996), decided on a novel and unusual production approach.

    Webcams were installed at the Neubauten studio in Berlin to transmit the entire creative process via the Internet on their homepage, www.neubauten.org. Interested fans were granted access to the site after paying a one-off fee which served to guarantee the financial independence of the production.

    All the sessions were broadcast (and later also the rough mix versions) were filed in an archive that could always be accessed online and discussed later in the chat or the forum. The fans, through their influence on the music, the lyrics and the production, were supportive in these respects.

    On completion of the production process, each supporter received the “Supporter Album # 1”, mainly consisting of material different to the songs now released on “Perpetuum Mobile” ? exclusively conceived in the sessions that were broadcast live.