Eis & Licht: Dokument Voxus Imp

Out on Eis & Licht is the cd ‘Idafeld” by Voxus Imp (Eis045).
This re-release of the 1998 LP comes as a 6panel digipack CD and includes a bonus track.
“Ritual music which is largely purely electronic, but with a pleasantly organic feel to it and sometimes nearly danceable rhythms.” The label names Coil, Hybryds and Werkbund as references for the sound.
mp3: Opfergang

The unconstrained heathen essentials of faith, refuting themselves by diverging visions of downfall, are the subject matter of the artistic concept of ‘Idafeld’. In classical Icelandic literature, ‘Idafeld’ is the symbol of the everlasting. At this place of renewal, the guiltless gods unite to strive towards Ragnarok (the twilight of the gods) once more.

The music from the vinyl edition has been edited and re-mastered. This is the first release of Eis & Licht’s new series ‘Dokumente’, in which the label aims to re-release sold-out cassettes and LPs.