Elitepop: new label

Elitepop is a new Dutch label for Elitist Popculture. In the future it will become a platform for free expressions of industrial, post-industrial and avant-garde art forms. Music is just one aspect of the label, but music will be the main focus in the early phase.
The first release is planned before the end of this year. It will be a 7” by Dutch minimal noise / electronic art project Vektor.

Entitled ‘The Perils Of Paradise’, the release is a piece of conceptual art articulating a vision on a dreamed Utopian society and at the same time criticizing the contemporary Western so called open democratic society (a make belief paradise).
Next to the Vektor vision, German minimal act Echo West has created a vision of its own on basis of the original sound structure.
More information soon on the virtual home of the label.