embedded 2 x CDR compilation

Released by Deterrent Industries – dissonant sounds for decaying cultures
An exploration of what can be achieved when pushing against the limits memory space, clock speed, restricted functionality and purpose specific infrastructure. The digital voice of micro-processor machinations to the arrhythmic frustration of system failure to the stress fracture of unintended interoperability. Over 80 minutes of sound.

“embedded” offers the listener a wide range of experience over its two themed discs. On “active”, you can expect to hear material ranging between the 8 triumphant bit marching songs of Neutralizing Force and Naked Intruder, the blistering noise cleansing of Mortmain() and skruntskrunt, the clicky software slurping of Kwaiden and lamp leaking dead flies, the deceimated powernoise remnants of the collaboration between Third Mind and Scrap.edx. “passive” offers the low bit rate feedback hypnotics of Kevin P, the seductive yet dangerous melodic calm of horchata, the machine drone of Genitl Paysan, the organic spark of Logoplasm.

Four full length MP3s are available online.