Enfant Terrible: two new releases

Soon two new releases from Enfant Terrible will be ready: After The Snow – Fracture LP (Enfant06) and ICK – La parade des sans illusions 7” (petit enfant 001).

Press release:
“Fracture is the debut record from After The Snow. This musician was already present on Enfant04: Electronic Renaissance with the song ‘Oktober’. Just like this song the music on Fracture is in the tradition of the new wave and industrial styles. The music refers to these styles, but to a period before these genres were defined and became cliches.

Fracture is doom like music, like it was done in the 1980’s. In a unique and original way After The Snow knows how to re-shape the tradition of bands like Joy Division and Death In June into a sound of its own. After The Snow fits in well with contemporary artists like Echo West and
November Növelet, who also produce industrial influenced cold minimal wave.

After The Snow proves that new wave is more alive then ever, in its authentic form, but without being a copy of the historical original.

ICK delivers the first record in the new series Petit Enfant on the Enfant Terrible label. Only 7” records will be released in this series. The artwork is by the young Dutch artist Edwin Stoutjesdijk, who is also known as dj Kramp from our Hex parties in Amsterdam.

ICK is for years a wellknown name in the industrial scene and has released records on various smaller and larger labels. Less known is that the musician has also a passion for minimal electronics and elektro. On La parade des sans illusions are four raw minimal elektro tracks with
references to industrial and punk music.”

Soundclips and information on both releases here: