epitaph for Heid

Out now on CMI:
Heid – Pilgrim of the sublunary world

From the forested outbacks of northern Sweden, a formation known as Heid rose with the midnight sun five years ago. While the extraordinary debut album “Submitting To the Uprush Of the Unconscious” on the German label Bastet paid due respect to the Swedish tradition – a pedigree including Raison d’Etre and In Slaughter Natives – Heid instantly spoke with a unique voice, a distinct Nordic expression resonant with the majesty of their homeland: the deep forests, the bottomless lakes, the foaming rapids, and the distant howls of the last predators. The core of Heid, Tolufim and Kristian Olsson, subsequently augmented by the virtues of Peter “Parasoleil” Lindahl and Stefan Östlund, created a dark, dystopian sound, that rendered them a formidable reputation among fans and scene press alike. After the album “Arktogäa” Heid fell apart but the legacy is carried on in Survival Unit and LEAK, two projects that opted to focus on different facets of what Heid comprised. A fitting epitaph is this CD retrospective on Cold Meat Industry, the label that more than anyone else has championed this kind of music.