evolved as one: new label with first compilation

evolved as one is a new label that focuses on releasing special music in the field of ambient-drones. The music released by evolved as one will be of an emotional kind. This can be sad, introvert or melancholic drones, but also intense psychedelic or meditative drones. The idea is to only release music that completely touches us (and you). Because of the emotional focus, the music will often be of an organic nature, the music has to evolve, so to speak.

  • v/a . evolved as one – a collection of emotional ambient-drones [evol01]

    A collection of emotional ambient-drones. The cd contains 9 tracks by 7 artists from the international ‘drone’ scene. All the tracks have been created using traditional instrumentation such as guitar, voice, harmonica and flute, as well as digital effects and electronic processing. The tracks represent a wide range of emotional states, ranging from the depression of suppressed fear to the yearning of pure melancholy.

    1. moljebka pvlse – jiken
    2. dual – phimos phomis
    3. ure thrall – breathing
    4. ultrasound – there is also red in the air
    5. srmeixner – the third horizon
    6. cats of tel aviv – orphan’s amen . I
    7. moljebka pvlse – daiji
    8. ure thrall – bourbon gamelan
    9. troum – ananke
    total time: 68.55 minutes

    The CD comes in a beautiful cardboard cover designed by t.dohmen and was mastered by e.bosman. Edition of 500 copies.