Fear Falls Burning: alter ego of vidnaObmana

vidnaObmana goes on a brief promotional tour with his alter ego Fear Falls Burning. This project is dedicated to the expansive sound of the electric guitar in relation to vintage and replica guitar pedal effects. Real-time performances during which its single performed guitar chord multiplies and shifts over time into dense and trance-inducing walls of sound. The “he spoke in dead tongues – 2005 tour” consists of seven dates in Germany and The Netherlands.

he spoke in dead tongues – 2005 tour

April 13th – 2005 : Paradox, Tilburg (The Netherlands)
May 12th – 2005 : Kulturbunker M?llheim , K?ln (Germany)
May 13th – 2005 : Cuba, M?nster (Germany)
May 14th – 2005 : Staalplaat, Berlin (Germany)
May 15th – 2005 : Galerie f?r Zeitgen?ssische Kunst, Leipzig (Germany)
May 17th – 2005 : Skam, Hamburg (Germany)
May 18th – 2005 : Forum f?r Experimentalelektronik, Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt
May 19th – 2005 : The Suite, Mannheim (Germany)
September 24th – 2005 : Theater Graaf Wichman, Huizen (Netherlands)