Fire in the Head on Eibon Records

Fire in the Head is one of the most productive noise creators. His latest cd Meditate/Mutilate is out now on Eibon Records.

Release info:
“The straightjacket has been removed, the medication has worn off and the delusions have intensified. F/I/T/H has returned to spread the poison with “Meditate/Mutilate”, a schizophrenic and volatile mix of seething, harsh electronics, dark ambience and tortured vocals. From the blackest depths of neurosis to the apex of unrestrained psychosis, the ten tracks on this cd hone F/I/T/H’s dual-edged blade to perfection. “Meditate/Mutilate” is released by Eibon Records in a digipak and features guest vocals by legendary punk icon Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni.”